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but it’s like
100% girls r hot
an 23% boys r hot

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Things the Israel/Palestine conflict is about

  • Nationalism
  • Racism
  • Colonialism
  • Economics
  • Land use
  • Water

Things the Israel/Palestine conflict is not about

  • Religion

Things the Israel/Palestine conflict is not

  • A conflict

Things it is

  • Settler colonialism
  • Military occupation
  • Genocide

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Impoverished Black and Brown communities do not exist for white people to enter, stay in for a week or so and then come out as though they’re saints because they hugged little Black and Brown kids. #stopthewhitesaviorcomplex2k14 

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James Brown is directly or indirectly responsible for the creation of about 6 different genres of music but I’ve got to hear about the fucking Beatles everyday.


The Beatles are also indirectly responsible for the creation of James Brown, so…

James Brown: Years active 1954–2006

Beatles: Years active 1960–70

WHAT are you even talking about. This is embarrassing. 

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Dinosaur Jr.

—Just Like Heaven

Show me how you do it, 

and I promise you, 

I promise that I’ll run away with you

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the māori word for ‘ally’ is ‘haumi’, pronounced almost identically to ‘homie’. 



i would call Kristen Stewart daddy if she wanted me to

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transmisogynist colonial anthropologists tend to make a lot of the ‘fact’ that a lot of the cultures they’re producing a discourse on ‘only’ have trans identity categories for transfeminine AMAB people

the argument is that because our current, deeply colonial interpretation of historical data collected by literal white supremacist colonists doesn’t identify transmasculine AFAB people in colonial-era indigenous societies, that those identities never existed

this selective blindness is the result of settler discourses having, in most cases, almost completely obliterated our own traditions. settler transmisogyny would have been far more surprised to see indigenous trans women and to identify them as such than it would have been to see indigenous trans men (who they’d be more likely to have read as just Women Doing Things Men Usually Do)

then those people all die and the only records we have to look at are the settlers’ ones, which only mention the ~men performing women’s social roles~ becuase that’s what scandalised them

you can’t draw reliale decolonial conclusions about our precolonial societies from archives created solely by settlers, that’s two distinct transmisogynist alien perspectives and you’re not going to be interfacing with our genuine traditions at all. 

The Cure

—The Perfect Girl


The Perfect Girl - The Cure

You’re such a strange girl
The way you look like you do
You’re such a strange girl
I want to be with you

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"Family gatherings" aka "90% of the people here are racist"

”..and homophobic”

"and sexist"

and transphobic

and young earth creationists

and they’re paying for your meal so shut up and smile when they complain about all the illegals crossing the border


remember how that post that was like “when white ppl adopts non white children” and ppl were like “wow these fucking sjws” and OP was literally. literally a fucking white supremacist

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You know, the “killing innocent children” emotional plea holds no weight when it comes from people who support abortion.

so killing innocent children is ok then as long as the people doing it are pro-life